John Deere Super Stock Head

John Deere Super Stock Head

This was our first tractor product, an aluminum billet head specially designed for Super Stock Pulling Tractors. It weighs in at only 102 pounds but flows a ton of air and is very reliable.

The John Deere tractor cylinder head has performed flawlessly!  This revolutionary billet cylinder head had an immediate impact.   Each billet head is CNC machined from a solid piece of aircraft grade aluminum for the ultimate in reliability, incredible airflow and the lowest possible weight. This head package will put you in the winners circle!

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Bamber Engineering - Aluminum Billet John Deere Tractor Head

Bamber Engineering – John Deere Head Package

  • Port design by Dave Bamber – best airflow in pushrod tractor head to date at over 500 cfm.
  • Includes tapped holes for two down nozzles to inject fuel into the valve bowl area.  All aspects of the head were selected to optimize wet flow characteristics for optimum combustion of the superior air charge.
  • Head designed for maximum reliability, and light weight (102 lbs).
  • The Head Package includes assembled cylinder head with top quality components (springs, retainers, titanium valves, etc.). In addition, we include rocker arms, head studs, head gasket, stainless steel intake runners, exhaust flanges, billet valve cover, NTPA required sparkplug shield, and high quality fasteners.

Optional Upgrades available:

  • Stainless steel intake manifold
  • Stainless steel exhaust header
  • Polishing available for any/all: valve cover, intake manifold, exhaust header
  • Turnkey fuel system

This head has already been developed and delivered to two Super Stock pulling tractors for the 2011 pulling season. Contact us today for current availability or call us at (541) 351-8350.